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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies for cash in Kanga exchange offices

The possibility of selling and buying cryptocurrencies for cash at Kanga Exchage points of sale is a service that is extremely popular. It is worth noting that the service has gained recognition on both sides – both from customers satisfied with the wide range of possibilities and from the bureaux de change themselves, the number of which is steadily growing. What is behind the popularity of the service? There are at least a few factors behind this.

Innovation – the service of buying and selling for cash is designed in such a way that the process is understandable, intuitive and easy to use, as well as easy to implement for subsequent partners who join Kanga.

Transparency – the client has the opportunity to obtain full knowledge about the commission, what is more, he can negotiate the commission.

Transaction time – and here we have two pluses. The transaction with the exchange office is carried out in real time, and the time itself is only a few minutes.

AML Act and transaction limits

The current limits in stationary exchange offices for occasional transactions, in line with the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, amounted to the equivalent of EUR 15,000. Amendments to the act, which entered into force on October 31, 2021, introduced a significant update, according to which the current limit on an occasional transaction is the equivalent of EUR 1,000.

However, it is worth pointing out that the limit in question does not mean that every transaction will be rejected. In the case of transactions over 1000 EUR, the exchange office has the right to demand from the client, inter alia, presentation of an ID card.

Therefore, it will be a great relief to learn that for customers who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash, Kanga Exchange has launched a new service, according to which restrictions in the amount of EUR 1,000 will not apply.

New Kanga service – no transaction limits

The new model of cooperation, which the service provider, Kanga Exchange, has proposed to all those who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash, allows for a two-fold approach to the subject. And yes, natural persons will be able to take advantage of the possibility of buying / selling cryptocurrencies without a limit of EUR 1,000 and, what is equally important, without the need to verify the other party to the transaction. Moreover, this model also does not apply to the limit of the previous EUR 15,000 per occasional transaction, therefore it is assumed that such transactions may in fact be unlimited. The service consists in using a platform that can be used by natural persons who do not carry out transactions as part of their business activities. AML limits are not applied to people who carry out transactions using this platform.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that exchange offices will continue to operate, which will carry out transactions on the current terms, with the newly applicable rules (identification and verification of identity for an amount exceeding EUR 1000 for an occasional transaction). For your convenience, the points will be appropriately marked on the website kangakantor.en.

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