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PulseChain (PLS) aroused great emotions from its first announcement. After all, we are talking about a token that can play an elementary role in supporting interoperability between individual blockchain networks while verifying the correctness of transactions. We are all the more pleased to announce that PLS is available at Kanga Exchange Points!

What is PulseChain (PLS)?

PulseChain is an open source blockchain and the first hard fork containing the complete state of the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to this property, it can record the data of every transaction, user and smart contract interaction taking place within it.

It has been known for a long time that gas fees for Ethereum can increase dramatically due to network load. Even worse, in such situations, the completion of the transaction is greatly delayed. The main goal of implementing PulseChain was to eliminate the problem of blockchain throughput, including by introducing a block time of 10 seconds (as opposed to 12 seconds offered by Ethereum).

PulseChain also uses the validator rotation mechanism to ensure a fair distribution of activity among individual nodes. Thanks to this, users have the opportunity to change the validator every 24 hours, thus encouraging others to staking.

In turn, PLS is a native token of the PulseChain network, using the PRC-20 standard (which is a variation of ERC-20 for Ethereum). For PLS holders, the function of delegating their tokens to validators has been made available, contributing to securing the entire blockchain. As a reward, they receive a portion of the transaction fees.

PulseChain available in Exchange Points!

A project with such potential could not escape our attention. That is why we are pleased to announce that the PLS token is available in exchange offices and among Locals! Exchange points, as always, can be found at https://kangakantor.pl/.

Thank you for reading the article! For those who have arrived here, we have prepared a “PLS” code reducing the transaction in the exchange point by 0.25% (valid for a week, until June 7)!

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